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Official BKA gradings

Started by BKA, 08 January, 2012, 07:38:18

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Quote from: BKA on 20 August, 2012, 11:51:24
@Lars @shalafi : Where someone thinks they can get to, and where they can get to aren't always the same. Who knows....
But you usually don't miss for more than a level, I mean, after doing some self checks.
Anyway, sometimes you are over motivated and focused on an exam and overperform your normal and sometimes you get extra nervous. I can't complain myself, almost made it through 1st dan.
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Depth Perception is Overrated.


Today I got a letter that contained 10 nice BKY Kyu certificates, an exam sheet and a card, welcoming me to BKA officialdom

That means I'm now an official BKA examiner (up to 1st Kyu, and the first in Germany) - Hooray - let the people come ...
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Updated examiner list:
QuoteVoid, (->5th Dan), Bristol
Matt, (-> 1st Dan), Bedford
Sam, (-> 3rd Kyu), W. London
Donald, (-> Pre-Dan), Fife
MisterJumpshoe, (-> Pre-Dan), peripatetic/Crete
Alex Ruisch (-> 3rd Dan), Amersfort
Jeffrey van Reeven (->3rd Dan), Rotterdam
Daniela von Rohr (-> 1st Kyu), Switzerland
Thomas Holzer (-> Pre-Dan), Switzerland
Nicolas Schopfer (-> 4th Dan), Switzerland
Mirek Širina (-> 1st Dan), Czech Republic
Thorkild May (-> 4th Dan), Denmark
Mathias Steen Rasmussen (-> 4th Dan), Denmark
Raul Portales (-> Pre-Dan), Netherlands
Lars Burgstahler (-> 1st Kyu), Germany

Welcome, Lars!


I truly wish I was living nearer to where the event is taking place. Because of where I live, (Georgia, US) it wouldn't really be worth it to drive all the way over there. There's not really anywhere around Atlanta to get a Kendama License. Other than the DamaFest, there aren't really any conventions over here, so I just play with a few friends. So I guess I can't really go. I can't wait to read what people say about it on the forums though! Good luck if you're going!


I'm not sure which event you're referring to, but you can always self-certify yourself.

And we hear the scene in Georgia is pretty big, so you must have quite a few friends to click with, which is always the best thing.

And welcome to the forum!


Thank you! I have self certified myself (pre-dan.) The event I was talking about was the DamaFest (hosted by Kendama USA.)


Congratulations to Ian F and Ian H, who have increased their grades today to 3rd Kyu and 1st Kyu, respectively.


And to Petra S, who got 5th Kyu on her first grading.


Congrats to Jesus. A soon to be forum member who got KYU 3 this weekend.

Nerves played against him. I'm sure he'll promote in Toulouse.
Spanish Kendama Champion 2010, 2012, 2014-16
Depth Perception is Overrated.


Congratulations to Wiktor, who jumped up from JKA Pre-Dan to BKA 1st Dan today.


Good work, Emil!

It's nice to be able to hand out the yellow ones. Click on, people!


Congratulations to new addict Ryan. Under Mr Jumpshoe's tutelage, he's got up to 4th Kyu at the first go.


Oof! Major hard luck to SonicPearse who missed getting Pre-Dan today by a single beat per minute. :-(


 Arrrggghhhh! Attempted pre-advanced last night - managed to get through all the tricks, did the 100 Moshe karmi only to find I was doing 134bpm not 135bpm - so consequently failed! My examiner - Void - was firm but fair in failing me - damn it! Have to wait till next month now...

The Void

That was really tough luck, mate! Sorry to have to fail you, but rules is rules!  :-\ At least you now know that's it's definitely in your range!
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