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boarders balance

Started by kendamatty, 11 April, 2013, 01:59:35

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Boarders balance...first saw when i started a few years back with an old jka player at the beach, been trying it ever since. Think i may have found a trick which just escapes me beyond all reason, even placing the spike on the tama seems like it just isnt happening.

Then i tried it on a non jka approved kendama and the "ultra paint" as i can only call it made the spike not slip off and it seemed Fine. THEN AGAIN i hot it a few times with a battered retired old shin sakura which looked liked grandmas purse. And again with a flakey performer.  So my question/statement..

1) Can anyone do this with a non smashed to pieces jka kendama? Ozora is my target.
2) tips/give me your hands? Or alternatively please can I have your address and what time you go to bed? Then  I will proceed to come to your house, chop them off, fillet them and sew my new ill gotten kendama skill gloves over my own clubs i call hands.
3) For info. The above is a joke.  And so are my attempts at the trick.

Tetsuya Takahashi

ok, i feel really stupid for saying this but....what the heck is a boarders balance? is it another name for a trick ive seen?


Turner can do borders really well, and I've seen videos of a couple other guys who are really good at it.

Turner balances the spike on the side of the tama from what I remember. I think he's kind of an anomaly in that sense though, I've heard most other people balance it on the string hole. I've never been much good at that trick either, but then I've never really tried to learn any tricks that involve it.

Tetsuya Takahashi

Thanks! All of my friends who dama call it a satelight, boarders balance sounds cooler though.

Btw I'm a big fan of the K.E. miniedits, is another one coming out soon?


Completely with you on this one matty, I've been practicing with it and i'm personally getting close to understanding the balance and i'm playing a brand new mugen.

If you try to find a spot on the side of the ball (i know its a circle) so perpandiculare (is that how you say it in english?) to the hole you'll somehow start to find a sweet spot. Dont think their really is tips for that trick but yeah its insane i love it and its freaking impossible!! Haha

The Void

@Mush, it's "perpendicular" in English, so pretty much. :)

I think the biggest tip for Boarder's Balance is... learn to balance stuff! OK, so you can do lighthouse, but you're going to have to be MUCH more interactive to maintain a Boarder's Balance.
-Balance a broom on your palm, and walk around your garden with it balanced.
-Now do the same with something half the length.
-Same again, but this time, keep your feet still, and maintain the balance by making over-compensating movements with your hand only.
-Now get shorter again, say 30cm or less, and repeat all the above.
-Now get lighter.. a long pencil-shaped thing, say 15cm.
-Now a lightweight teaspoon.
By now you're having to make very fast, small compensatory movements whilst maintaining the balance on a short, lightweight thing. That will stand you in good stead for the ken balance.

It's bloody hard.

...and having said all that, no, I can't do Boarder's Balance. But then again, it's not a trick I've ever put any time into.

ObJuggler: I bet Olli could learn it
Olli Groszer with Archaos - juggling videos hosted @
If you don't want to BUY MY BOOKS 😉, then why not ask your local library to order them in, and read them for free? That would help too. Cheers!


Here's Takumi's Boarders balance -  8)


You all know that Takumi Okada is "Boarder", right? And it's called that because it's his balance.
*Public service announcement ends*

[Edit: Although it seems that かかしの玉乗り/Kakashi no tamanori translates directly (if we've got this right) as "Scarecrow Ride Ball". It would probably scan better as "Scarecrow Ball Ride". Still, it's been known in English as Boarder's Balance for a long time now, and it's a snappier name anyway.]


I've been practising this quite a bit as well hahah!
I don't really have any tips... I kinda just pull it up and now and then I can make it balance for, at most, 2 seconds. I think Void's advice was probably the best.

We should make a Boarder's Balance (joke) Division for the EJC haha


i practice this trick..way to long..and the best probably 3 seconds:(( maybe if the spike is flatter that should be easier.. the best i seen at this trick is Miles Gibson (the last trick)...


yea miles kills these.... cooper eddy did ufo top border balance in his sweets roun d 2 edit... that was pretty nuts. this is the kind of trick that yo need a specific kendama for i find....  ive been tryin with my new rip kendamas just to hit the top string hole, but its stupidly hard... lol


dear god.....miles is a wizard


so a friend of mine came over with a new sourmash rasta.. and wow does it make a sticks in so much better with that thick tacky paint...have yet to hit it on an oozora though... haha


rod, ive actually been practicing with my sourmash.
helps a lot


I've hit it a few times with my fairly fresh gripped oozora just by hitting the string hole.. But it's so hard to pull up to.. I'll master it yet!! ;)