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Having trouble with the swing in / furiken

Started by sv89, 11 September, 2011, 13:15:30

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Hi everyone!

I'm having some trouble with the swing in / furiken.
What is the path the ball should make?
When and how should I tug the ball?

Any other tips would be appreciated (except "use your knees"  ;) )
Thanks for you help!


As far as a path goes, it's normal to swing the ball directly away from you.  For the move itself, it helps to think of it in two stages.  For the first stage, the ball is swung away from you, the string taught throughout.  For the second stage, at the point where the ball is furthest away from you (watch a video to get an idea about positioning) you then pull sharply, so that the ball starts to travel up and towards you.  If you've done it right ( you might have to experiment to get the required force) the ball will start to spin so that by the time it peaks, the hole will be facing you, ready for the spike. 


This is the trick that I am less consistent of the so-to-say "easy" tricks.

To me it is a lot harder than it looks...
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I found this easiest to learn without holding the ball at the start, like the BKA rule renegade that I am. Guy's advice is spot on. Swing out, when it's the furthest point away give it a yank backwards and the hole should fall directly towards your awaiting ken. It's a bit tricky to begin with but you'll get the hang of it.

Good luck, wait until you get onto reverse furiken, it's a complete mare! :)


As the ball is turning (assuming you got the tug right), get the tip of the spike near the ball, then sink down with it (using your knees) rather than trying to 'stab' at the ball.

For me the tug is not so consistent, sometimes the ball doesn't turn, sometimes it spins horizontally, sometimes it spins like a dervish. Then I get the tug right, and land the trick. Such a good feeling.


All of the advice so far has been good, basically you'll just need to try it a bunch to figure out exactly how/when to give it the tug to spin it.

On a side note: sure cradling the tama gently onto the spike is good when learning, but throwing in a super aggressive ninja stab at the end of a line just feels and looks too good to pass up sometimes :p


Thanks! I'm landing it!  ;D
Plus, it allowed me to complete my 2nd edit:

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Hi guys, i have some problem too. I know how to swing ken, it always goes towards the ball. How to get stick to the ball, this is my problem. I'm practising furiken about 2 weeks. Some tips how to "aim"? Thanks.

Sorry for spelling mistakes.



   yesterday I simulate the exams. I got until predan included... but I fault swing in!

   I can't get swing in. Now I saw this video: and I like your opinion. Is it well done? I always tried to do a almost full circle, similar to the Void's tutorial. But in this video the trick looks easier. At the moment I didn't try it. I'm waiting for your answer.


Quote from: The Void on 12 December, 2015, 22:08:11
Quote from: ray on 12 December, 2015, 20:27:28I can get swing in.
Can or can't?...
I corrected it, thanks.
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The Void

Quote from: ray on 12 December, 2015, 20:27:28I can get swing in.
Can or can't?

It's the same trick, just with minor variations of timing. It's fine.
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   I can't.

   I tried and It's easier for me the Void's style.

   In the Romanian Juggling Convention 2015 (RoJC'15) I met a juggler that use a trick. He grips the string between his fingers and the ken. This way the string is shorter. Is it allowed?
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Quote from: BKA on 23 December, 2015, 16:23:29
No, sorry.

   Can I use two kendamas in gradings? One with a shorter string?
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You can use 2 Kendamas for gradings. One for moshi-kame that can be stringless, and the other one for everything else, so not what you wanted

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