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Started by Cand1ez, 13 September, 2011, 22:31:08

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Is there anything i should keep in mind when learning spacewalks?

Or is it really just throwing and catching?

As the ken/tama ofter spins out of control.  A cleaner catch sorts this a little.  Practice, practice, practice.


To answer my own question


thats actually the first time I've watched Kendalex's spacewalk tutorial. It's good, covers the basics well imo.
He might have left one thing out though: Practice in a grassy or sandy area. Avoid concrete and anywhere indoors, unless you wanted a chipped up ken, dented walls/ceiling, etc.
(if you're ever in Edmonton you can come see my basement's ceiling for evidence hehe)



plenty of marks on my brothers bedroom roof for him to wonder about when he gets back from australia next year.