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Best kinds of kendamas for stilts?

Started by andrewyip, 31 May, 2014, 00:20:34

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Best kind of kendama for stilts and stilt flips?

the milky oolong

Ask [user]Dimensions[/user], he's banging them out in his new video (see Videos section of the forum).
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Use your favourite "old" kendama - I first leared them on my first ever kendama, it was batterd to death!

Stilts are a funny trick, in the concept of choosing the right 'dama. aTacks are good all round, Sunrise kendamas are good too. I personally like to do them on a broken in Ozora.

These are the sort of steps to how to get them consistent.
1) if your just starting out use your oldest / most faithful 'dama to learn them on
2) use a slippier 'dama - you definitely do not want a reputation for cheating
  - be harsh on yourself if you thumbed it do it again untill it's clean
3) experiment on different 'damas find your favourite

So if you want to learn... Say Stilt Somersault try and use your favourite "stilt ken" then again get slippier  and slippier. Again be harsh on yourself

Ok, back to the question:
My personal favourite for stilts is an ozora and the Play kendama (2013) at a close second place
If your learning (or just being lazy) I would use a Sunrise or an aTack - I've heard that Sourmash are really sticky too.

These questions pop up on the forum a lot - there mostly opinion so go home and experiment!


Nerdy terminology note
Quote from: andrewyip on 31 May, 2014, 00:20:34
stilt flips?
Please when saying a trick like this try and say somersault and not flip simply because a somersault refers to a stall trick spinning 369° and landing back at a stall. Flip is used more loosely, you could mean: Stilt > somersault to in. Or Stilt > somersault to lunar.
I appreciate that flip is shorter and quicker to say but when describing a trick like this somersault can refer tricks better - thanks

Gosh that's a lot

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