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Trick I Invented

Started by Leologic777, 09 February, 2015, 04:50:21

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Earlier, I was practicing and i made up this little trick. It is kind of a variation of Captain Hook from KNEES! thats where i inspired it from. So, heres the trick:
You know when you are holding the tama with the tama grip your thumb is on your side(internal;facing you) So you pull up the ken(whole) and when the ken rises have your thumb hanging in the middle between the sarado and ken(your thumb catches the ken). From here you can turn into a lighthouse, spike it etc...

Tell me if this trick already exists. If not tell me what you think about it. If i need to explain in more detail just ask.


Getting Better!- 11 Kendama's- Been playing for 9 months


So it's Captain Hook on the thumb instead of the index finger?


Kinda but you wouldn't draw your thumb out like you would do in Captain Hook. It just stays there and you catch it. Yes though basically.
Getting Better!- 11 Kendama's- Been playing for 9 months