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What should I learn next?

Started by Leologic777, 11 February, 2015, 04:27:16

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In the past weeks I just cant consistently learn anything new. I want to start from scratch and save the tricks I will mention for later(to learn them later kinda too hard) aAybody have a good but easy trick i can master? Consider me a beginner but i can also do a couple harder tricks such as spacewalks. . Ive landed bird and whirlwind big cup once and cant seem to manage to land them again no matter what. I have also tried learning handrolls but they are way too hard for me. Any suggestions?



*Sorry for posting too many questions on the tricks forum i will try also helping and not just asking :/
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Hey Leo,
How are you doing with all the grading tricks?
Getting all of those down nice and solidly will give you a very good grounding for all kendama. Alternatively, check out the Consistency challenges and the Endless Combo for trick ideas.
Ultimately the answer is "whatever you feel like learning!".
Don't worry about the questions, it's cool. But do remember to use the Search box at the top, because there are a lot of useful comments tucked away in hidden corners of the forum! :)


Getting Better!- 11 Kendama's- Been playing for 9 months

the milky oolong

[user]Leologic777[/user], I'm feeling expansive, so indulge me.

Void's 'whatever you feel like learning' is a good start, but even within that all-embracing statement, there are decisions to be made.

Spacewalks are all well and good, but there's nothing that will improve your overall kendama handling more than some serious cup-to-spike stuff. For this I suggest the following: Around Prefecture (Base>Spike), Around Japan, Around the World, Around Europe, Around USA, one after the other, without resetting. Bring that out at a game of KEN and see you don't give someone a letter: it's the kendama equivalent of David vs Goliath.

If you're confident with Lighthouse and Aeroplane, maybe you want to get to grips with 1-turn stuff. A serious challenge, but very rewarding.

Maybe you'd benefit from some Gunslinger stuff to go with your Whirlwind tricks, or learn Bat to go with your Bird?

Most essentially, just remember, there are days when nothing seems to work. We all have them. They're pretty awful. But they rarely last very long. Just keep clicking and keep having fun!
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