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Bead Tricks

Started by Leologic777, 30 March, 2015, 02:42:51

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I got this idea from Pete's post "Hanging Tricks". He said that we should have one so I decided to make one! Just put any tricks including beads from Youtube, Instagram etc..

Pete if you would like to change anything in this topic tell me because the idea is yours!

-Leo ;D
Getting Better!- 11 Kendama's- Been playing for 9 months


Might as well start with some examples right?

Matt Rice of dealwithitsf with the 'rat tail' 4 years ago!

And another, I think I remember seeing this either before I started playing or very early on. I didn't really get it then but now I understand how awesome it is.

If I think of/find any more I'll post them up here. I'll see if I can come up with some variations as well.

Question for the long time kendama players, any idea who did this first? Did any of you guys do it a while ago?


This is so cool! Thanks! I really like the second one.
-Leo ;D
Getting Better!- 11 Kendama's- Been playing for 9 months


This one, from almost 4 years ago
The combo at 3:50 includes the 'beadwalk':

Kendama Belgium!