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Where to start?

Started by shamwow, 26 August, 2012, 15:52:49

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I'm very new to Kendama, I just got my first one a few days ago. I have been experimenting around, and getting used to it. Are there any beginner tricks that I should start to learn first? (Besides just big cup, small cup, etc...)

Thanks for the help!


Hello. Welcome to the forum, and to kendama playing!
Our FAQ topic suggests you should start with the traditional beginner tricks before moving on. Then maybe you could look at some of the BKA tricklist videos to get more ideas.
Good luck!


Your problem might be solved with YouTube. If not, here's a few. Bridge (landing it on the cross-piece.) Aeroplane (Spike holding the ball.) Swing Out (Spike with a rotation) Transferring it cup to cup and maybe even to spike. Lighthouse and bird might take a while. One more for you: Around Tunbridge Wells (Simple enough for a beginner) Good luck!
PS: Look up what Around Tunbridge Wells is.