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String Hook technique for Lunar

Started by Bad Wolf, 26 September, 2012, 09:46:02

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Bad Wolf

So I've been doing the technique where you spin the ken before release.  I know some people use the string hook method, but every time I try that, the string will unhook off the cup and the ken will spin erratically on the pop-up.  I'm also aware that some people make a small notch under the Big Cup for the string to rest in.

I guess the questions here are:  How do you get the string to stay without a notch? And, if making a notch is necessary, is it considered "cheating"?


Don't make a notch. You have to position the string a little out to the right, not at the very bottom of big cup.

I think string hang pull up lunar is easier than swing lunar, you can do some other cool tricks with it from string hanging start though.


Making a notch would definitely count as modifying your kendama, so it wouldn't be allowed in a BKA/JKA competition.

Yes, Alex is correct, you have to take the string out wider to the side than you would expect for the string hook. If you are too central, or even if you are too wide, the hook will slip off on launch. It's a question of experimenting with the hook position until you find the right one. Also, if you are holding the ken back and releasing into a swing, make sure you are holding, and releasing very gently.

And lastly, welcome to the forum!

Bad Wolf

Just tried it and it works perfectly, thanks Alex! I already felt pretty consistent with Lunar before this and its even easier now haha. Hey Alex, guess which Pro Model I just ordered haha.

Glad to be here, thanks BKA!

Bad Wolf

Update: I can now Lunar about 75% of the time. Now I wish I could Lunar flip more than once a day -_-


75% is quite a lot. Congrats! my best is still at 30% or so, on the good days. The bad days are under 1 in 10.
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