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Kendama in Osaka or Kobe area

Started by LarsVegas, 16 April, 2014, 22:15:42

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does anybody know where players meet in Osaka or Kobe? I'll be in that area from 06.05. to 17.05. and this time I have some free time (a whole weekend). I would like to see places but also to meet some players and join a good session.

Thanks for any hints.
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Yano-san is the head of the JKA Osaka region. His English is quite weak though. How's your Japanese?
PM-ing you his email address....


Thanks for the info. My Japanese is almost non-existent (despite over three years of contact with a Japanese company and about 10 trips to Japan). I'll try to contact him and if all else fails, I've got enough Japanese around me at work.
EKO 2012 - European Beginner Champion