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VOTW 05-03-2012 Sam B - Kendama Edit 1 - Home and Garden!!!

Started by SamB, 04 March, 2012, 12:13:31

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I finally went and did it, I made a kendama video, and here it is!
Be sure to watch it in HD. ENJOY!

As a bit of blurb, I tried to do tricks which I've either not seen done on video or that I have only just learned to do. This meant I left out plenty of my repertoire but this just means I have plenty left to make more videos.

In the youtube description I put a list of the trick names if you're wondering what any of them are.

And for those that have tried everything on kendama I used a grip I've not seen before which I've called Pistol Grip (around the 3 minute mark) where you hook your index finger around the big cup and hold the ken like like a pistol. I'm not really sure what can be done with this grip yet but give it a go!

Here's to 2 1/2 more years!!!!
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The Void

Right, well let's not waste any time, and make this tomorrow's video of the week right now.
Loved the Faster Than GraviTree, and the 18th-time-lucky Beckoning Cat. Lovely vid with a great vibe.

I think I 'discovered' the pistol grip ages ago, but I didn't really take it anywhere. (Maybe this was before I realised Clifftop was possible.)

You have a nice garden!
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Has everything a good edit should have! I liked it a lot...look forward to more dude.
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Thanks a lot! It's my parents garden, proper Last of the Summer Wine[nb][/nb] country. I was fortunate with the weather too.
Quote from: The Void on 04 March, 2012, 14:38:23
Faster Than GraviTree
Gah I can't believe I missed that name! I updated the trick list appropriately.
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donald grant

Great edit, lots of fun stuff.  We'll have to see if we can find a suitable tree for you in Southend...:)