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VOTW 12-03-2012 New VictoryKendama Edit!

Started by Thorny, 05 March, 2012, 15:36:53

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It's here!

Hope you all enjoy it! Sorry for the green flickers in the screen every now and then...
I know I love the colour but it wasn't intentional, something must have messed up in post-production somewhere, I don't know! haha


Messing up video editing / formatting is my specialty haha. Looked good though, green flashes weren't really that noticeable. The banging tricks covered em up pretty well  ;)


That was such an awesome edit Thorny!

I like the tama grip ken taps.  Killer!


Thanks guys! Quite a bit of work was put into this one  :)

The Void

Killer "cup-tap-ons" and kitty action! Nice one.

VOTW'd! (Sorry it had to wait a whole week to get it - unlucky timing. :) )
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