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VOTW 19-03-2012 Roddama. Performer mini-Edit.

Started by BKA, 19 March, 2012, 11:12:09

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Go big, go bright. Rod gets his Performer head on. Features some nice string trap action.


That was sick, first time I'd seen that. Rodney has the coolest tricks, he's one of my favourite people to play with. I'm pretty sure every time we've played a game of DAMA he brings out a trick first try that I've never even thought of or seen before. Now he just needs to move back to Edmonton... haha


I like his style. Some of those tricks were pretty insane and always very creative tricks. Lot of inspiration (I tried that string trap he loves all the day but it's harder than it looks!)


Thanks guys!! I'm stoked I no longer have a job so now I can make more edits!!  :)