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A new year, and a new grading system. The BKA is now issuing Kyu, Pre-Dan and Dan certificates to anyone who can pass an exam. The first examinations will be held in Bristol at BoB juggling convention on 21st January, with more held at the NRC if time allows. Forum members who pass an exam will be listed on the players register, and also have their rank added to their forum profile.

This is rather boss! And similar to any exam I've ever done, will involve loads of people crammed into a huge sports hall with only determination and a pen (of course, in this case it will be determination and a ken - the parallels are uncanny.)
Nice thought chaps, and here's hoping one day I can get a certificate through remotely sending you a video, the chances of me making any juggling conventions in the near future are about as likely as me ever landing stilt-flips...

This is great!! I'm hoping to make it to a convention to try out for first dan!

So what's next: BKA approved seals on european made kendamas?

Good job, now european people can get there Dan exams too, according the JKA trick list.
(if they are member ofcourse)

is it possible to get a BKA grading at the BKO in April?

Taking the exams is not limited to forum members, only being listed on the register is limited.

And yes there will be exams at the BJC, although comp day may be a little tight, but we'll try to squeeze in the people who are only there for the day.


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