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how is everybody doing?


hello everybody

hope you are all oke in during this nasty chapter.
what are you doing, learned any new tricks ?


The Void:
Hey Eelco,
I'm not playing much at all. Dodgy shoulder. A few old clips in the Today I thread. I'm mostly reading and doing crosswords. And staying at home. I've written off 2020 in my mind.
Stay safe, all.

Good to hear from you eelco!

I would have thought that during this lockdown / quarantine time, online comps like Outlink or Stomp it, Stamp it would have come back, but they didn't.

I'm doing fine, I can work fully remote so I am catching up on books, series and video games. Unfortunately I don't do much Kendama anymore because each time I try my kids try to take it from me, and if I give them one, they use it as a weapon, which is quite scary.

At some stage I want to practice again, and finally get my 2nd or even 3rd Dan.

Also, I was on one of these progression walls, where everything new seems impossible, and I was unable to get more consistent on old tricks either... The juggler's life I suppose.

The Void:
I guess this is as good a place as any to say... Back on the horse! I had my first kendama session today for over a year. (Don't ask... Let's just say "2020 vibes" and leave it there.) The thighs are burning, but at least some of the old magic is still there. :-) Easy does it... Coffee time. Ciao, one and all!


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