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User tag button
« on: 03 May, 2013, 10:19:19 »
We've added a mod. If you're mentioning another forum member in a post, you can now use the "Add Userinfo" button (It's the one of a blue man with a green + sign) to tag their profile to their name.

Code: [Select]
[s][user]The Void[/user] talks too much.[/s]..will give you:
[user]The Void[/user] talks too much.
You can then click on the name for a brief summary of that user's profile.

Not sure if it's useful or not, but we thought it was neat!

[user]Kev[/user]'s a keen newbie, [user]Waylon[/user] likes yo-yos, [user]kendamatty[/user]'s a demon player and [user]Sonicpearse[/user] did a nice Swirl>Swirl>Around The World which wasn't caught on film.

Note: Simply typing the @ symbol before someone's name doesn't do anything (but does no harm either, so no worries):
@AlexSmith turns cool kendamas.

EDIT: This mod has been uninstalled, to avoid a conflict with another mod. Please use the Mentions Mod instead.

EDIT: There will probably be lots of [user]username[/user] tags lying around on the forum now that this mod has been removed. Please ignore them!
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