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Events - calendar - finding people

Started by BKA, 11 July, 2011, 14:13:35

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Don't forget to check out the kendama event calendar, and the answer to "Where can I meet other kendama players?" in the FAQ.


I am offering a mini job connected with this calendar.

I am looking for one Kendama fired person who would help me with the Event calendar.

Your work:
Fill the Kendama Event calendar with events.
Spread the Kendama Event calendar around the World.

Google account
Kendama events orietnation

One standard size Kendama by your choice (not custom) from shop per 0,5 year including shipping. First salary after half year of succesfull cooperation.

Please don't apply in case you don't know what this words means: BKO, EKO, Dama fest, The Kengarden, Beats Contest.

If you want this job write it to the comments bellow. I will randomly choose the winner on Sunday. No spread needed.


Oooh I'll be up for that Mirek.

I was half thinking of doing it anyway. Plus I'm a big ken blog nerd. Furthermore I've been thinking of starting some events here in London.
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Eric Brown
Chris Evans
Andrew Dover
Jordan Josselson
Pavel 'Pasharome' Vavilin

are in. I will now pick 3 of you from my hat the first win this job and the second and third are alternates in case he fail.


1. Andrew Dover
2. Pavel 'Pasharome' Vavilin
3. Eric Brown

Sorry Sam you didn win it, but I can give you acces to the calendar if you send me your email.


   Oh!!!!! I can't believe!!!! I'm in Bratislava since a lot of time and last week a kendama meeting was here!!!! :'(

   [emoticon=very angry with himself that wants to commit suicide with a kendama with a ken very sharped]
Enjoy your life. Circus and love!