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Most forums seem to have a "Today I..." thread for showing off your achievements. So here's one for Kendama!!!

Today I... landed Falling Down

Well today my green SunRise  arrived and I managed to land a spike at the second attempt,  future BKA champ is right here  ;) ;D

The Void:
Well done Roam. Have a cup of tea!

Today I..... got nowhere with 1-turn Moon Landing. :(

Today i almost got Tunbridge wells! Damn you Penguin spike earthturn!!!!

Well, this lunchtime, I started doing the Suicide (Spacewalk) Lighthouse thing for the first time.  I've previously been trying to avoid getting distracted with Spacewalk variations, as it seemed a better idea to direct my attention towards getting the basic Suicide Aeroplane something near to consistent.  Well, the consistency is still not quite what I want it to be, but the lure of trying something different won out.  I managed the lighthouse version several times during the session, so I guess that was a reasonable start.


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