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What's that trick called... ...with the tama in the big cup (for arguments sake) and then you spin the whole kendama on the axis of the small cup 360 degrees horizontally on your finger? Been trying to nail that one recently, and describing it as the "finger spinny thing" to people..

ペンシルまわし    penshiru mawashi    Turntable

For the benefit of anyone with "the Japanese book", it's number 93, and the tricks on this page correspond to the ones in there.

Aahhh, that would make sense, thank you. I'd be most interested in seeing a copy of that book sometime, as I haven't got a clue what a fair few of them are (I'm particularly interested in #64, "Beckoning cat")...

Seeing as I've hotlinked their image, I guess it's only polite to point out that you can order it direct from Naranja. ("Japanese Tools" is the section you want.)

Beckoning Cat is hard. :-)

Thanks, I'll look into that.
Incidentally, it hadn't occured to me until now to type in the kanji name into YouTube, and lo and behold I found the top skills of emperor1063 doing the trick flawlessly (as usual)! Here it is, for those intrigued by the cat;

Yeah, won't be landing that one anytime soon.... :)


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