Author Topic: READ THIS BEFORE POSTING!!!! Best kendama? What to buy?  (Read 10330 times)

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This question gets asked again and again. So much so that we decided to create a sub-forum just for it.

Please understand that there is not a single, correct answer to this question. There are many factors, including your playing experience, your favourite colour, what type of paint surface (if any) you like, what kind of tricks you are trying, etc, etc. Also, this very much comes down to opinion: A model that one clicker may love, another may be less keen on.

Before you make a post saying "what's the best kendama?" or similar, please have a read through a bunch of the posts in this sub-forum to get the feel of what the community collectively thinks. It will probably also help you to read some of the reviews in the main Gear section. Then if you are still uncertain, and want some more advice, then please try to be specific in your question: The more information you give, the more likely you are to get an answer that's helpful for you.

Bad question:
"What's the best kendama?"
Good question:
"I've been playing for 3 weeks. I've tried Brand X and Brand Y. I've heard Brand Z are better for learning Trick ∆, do you think that's true?"
Good question:
"I want to buy a new kendama, and I'm considering either Brand J or Brand K. What do you think I should go for if I want to get a grading with it?"
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Re: READ THIS BEFORE POSTING!!!! Best kendama? What to buy?
« Reply #1 on: 13 May, 2017, 21:54:03 »
Hi, Ive been using my kendama for 7 days!!! me and a friend bought dragon kendamas 12.99 each,  and the paint is chipping off and the paint is very slippery so light houses are hard to do!!! i know they are cheap but we wern't to sure what we would make of it but we are hooked, so we are looking to invest in better kendamas that will help us progress in the near future... 

My question is what is a good kendama to buy????? royal, ozoro, sweets....ect  i would like one really that doesn't cost the earth and has a line around the equator ideally. royal only do tamas of one colour!!!! i would like one of them really cause they are British made. There are a lot then we hear mentions of sticky paint... lol...


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