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I've decided to attempt to set up regular jams in Bristol and nearby areas (Exeter, Gloucester, South Wales), as I feel like there is enough people to try and keep this a regular thing.

Bristol will be the main home for these meets, but the plan is for other places to occasionally host.

The meets will happen every 2nd and 4th Saturday in each month.

Current Meet dates
26 Jan - Bristol, meet in Queens Square, 12:30
9 Feb - Hosted at Bath Upchuck (I won't be there, but is always a great place to meet) --> Thread
23 Feb - Bristol, Queen's Square 12:30
9 March - Exeter, Princesshay 12:00
23 March - Bristol, Queen's Square 12:30
13 April - Bristol, Queen's Square 12:30
27 April - Cardiff, Stone circle, Bute Park, Cardiff. From 12:30. Pic/map attached below. EXTREME WEATHER ALERT! Probably cancelled? Turn up only if you're brave!
25 May - Cardiff, Stone Circle, Bute Park, from 12:30
8 June - Bristol, 12:30 Queens Square
22 June - Bristol, 12:30 St George Park, by the skate park, BS5 9EN. 14 min walk from Lawrence Hill Station, or 40 minute walk from Temple Meads Station.
13th July - Cardiff, Bute Park, 12:30 onwards.
27th July - Bristol, Castle Park, from 12:30 onwards.
14th Sept -Bristol, Castle Park (somewhere near the bandstand) 12:30
28th Sept - Gloucester, Skate Park in Gloucester Park, 12:30 onwards.
12th Oct - Bristol, SK on Tour, see
26th Oct - Bristol, Queens Square, 12:30+
9th Nov - Bristol, Millenium Sq., 12:30+

See you all on the 26th!



The Void:
Rain. Moving to Millenium Square,

The Void:
Here's a Periscope from today. (Resolves to landscape by 0:30)
(Someone tell Dan and Arthur, please.)


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