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Hey dear beloved kendama players,

I've been wondering if anyone can still remember the competition Outlink and who would be down for it?  :o
is it still a thing? is it still cool to record yourself horizontal, slaying a trick & saying a specific word after it?

let's find out.

I'm willing to sacrifice myself as the one to hold the comp and to give out prizes.  :)
prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
Prizes will be JKA damas and da Originz.

Much Kendama-Love from Austria,

the oyster.

The Void:
@oesterzilla Great. Hats off to you for making it happen again! Looking forward to seeing details. Cheers.

Edit: Tagging some Outlinkers & SISIers:
@KenSan @fiddletriks @John @SkubMosh @LarsVegas @rhys_goes_peace @cello_91 @jakub.zahumensky @s070s @Niggy @mreasyguy @Maicodama @johndmc @Its_mrdiz @paulsayer @DanieLambert @Chunky Nutwhip @nemo @Kofi @Jak @Baum @BubenikJan @Boehlstar @BenPycroft24 @Dice126 @Matt Goody @kendamatty @Cand1ez @Ashdama @BigKidJim

Outlink has always been a great excuse for me to practice a bit more, so I'm in


I'm in.


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