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EKO 2019?

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I was wondering what the story with the EKO was this year. I went to the facebook page and the last post is from January, saying that the original dates have been postponed and more info to come soon...

I recall there were some European Kendama Championships, more similar to the Gloken / Catch and Flow style comps, but not signs of the EKO.

Anyone can shine a light in here?

The Void:
The new organiser had personal and organisational issues. Eventually I found myself having the option to take it on again myself, quite late, but just in time to make it happen. I obviously wanted it to happen again, but I also didn't want to organise it myself. I spent a week wrestling with the decision, and eventually I decided not to give myself the grief. It's extremely doubtful the EKO will happen this year, unfortunately.

I see. That's unfortunate.

In any case, I was expecting some news about it somewhere. If someone had problems, nobody is going to ask them to organize the EKO, but it will be nice to let people know.

I am sorry things turned out the way they did last year. I feel partly responsible, as I was the one who gave over the organization to new people, who in turn chose their team to work with. Which then went hideously wrong. That being said, after I handed over the organization, I no longer have admin rights to the FB page, so am unable to announce anything there. Currently, there is no team to organize EKO and I am not aware of anyone who would be eager to take it upon themselves. With the start of EKC last year and the direction they seem to be going with it, and the vibe I am getting from people, I don't believe that anyone will step up this year to organize EKO. Not as a standalone event, anyway. There is, of course, an option to make it at the EJC, which has its pros, but I am not sure how many people would want to go. After all, kendama people and jugglers didn't mix too much in previous years and most of our group didn't care about all the cool stuff that is going on at the EJC.

I am out and I am staying out. Prague Kendama battles are no longer a thing either, at least at the moment (I also haven't played nor painted in ages). Although Eric has been talking about reviving them, with him in the lead.

So we'll see what happens.

The Void:
So it goes, @jakub.zahumensky , so it goes. Hope you're well & having fun with whatever you're up to these days. Cheers.


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