Author Topic: RULES & GUIDELINES. Please read before posting!  (Read 5389 times)

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RULES & GUIDELINES. Please read before posting!
« on: 19 November, 2012, 15:03:52 »
This forum is for people to advertise their personal second-hand/rare/custom-made kendama-related items. This is not for retail or business advertisements. Sponsors of BKA-run events can post their product news/offers in the Vendors section.

- BKA accepts no responsibility for any actions arising from any trades in this forum. You are entirely responsible for your own sales/trades/purchases.
- Describe your item clearly to avoid disputes after sales. Adding a photograph (as a link or an attachment) is highly recommended. Remember, the more information you can give the more likely you are to have a successful trade.
- State your asking price AND WHICH CURRENCY[1], along with payment requirements/methods.
- State which country you are in/posting from.
- State postage costs/options, and which countries you are prepared to ship to.
- Shipping options with tracking/insurance are recommended, especially for expensive items.
- If you are interested in swapping, it's a good idea to state what sort of thing you would be interested in trading for.
- Do not post any personal financial details! This is for your security. Only exchange financial details (paypal accounts, etc) by Private Message once you have agreed a sale/exchange.
- Seller/Buyer beware! Be sensible. Exercise caution when trading with someone you don't know.
- Buyers: Always ask questions and get all the information you require before completing the transaction 

- STAY OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE'S THREADS. If you are not interested in buying what's on offer, just ignore it. If you think it's overpriced, then just ignore it. (If you are correct, no-one will buy it anyway). Unsolicited "interfering" posts run the risk of being deleted.
- One bump post per day maximum.
 1. Don't just ASSUME someone is in the same country as you!
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