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Hi folks, like kendama tees? We've got 6 designs to choose from, all available in multiple colours, and different colour high quality flock prints. Tees/Girl Tees are £15.99, Hoodies are £28.99 (includes UK postage. Overseas postage extra.).
Orders are custom printed, usually within a week.
Check them out at , or go straight to the store at

All prices are £GBP£.

Eat Sleep Kendama

Ken Dama


Weapon Of Choice



oh sick, waiting for this a long time,
really need a T and a Hoody Black and turqause blue letters, if it is possible
guess what, KNEEEEEEESSS
keep remind me this Void and Admin, thanks

The Void:
Heh, yeah, sure, Alex. :)

I wish it was more affordable for overseas people :( i would be all over them first two!

MAybe i will try and make my own t-shirts soon with that technique posted recently - would u guys get pissy if i made a bka shirt for myself? Free promotion imo.

Err... don't know!
I guess if it's solely made by yourself for yourself, and you don't sell or trade one ever, then okay. But maybe you'd have more fun creating your own design anyway?

And yeah, sorry about the shipping price, but that's the way it is.


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