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New arrivals thread (pics) - what did you just get?

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The Void:
Someone else was going to start this thread, but I've forgotten who. They didn't, so now I have. :-)

Everyone gets excited about getting new toys, so here's a thread for sharing pics of your new goodies!

I'll start. Krom metallic blue.

So, what's new on your shelves, guys?


The Void:
I've had this for a while now, but The General is getting a little war torn, so it's time to recruit a new soldier to the Dan Academy.

I've had a few Kendama's turn up n the past week or two, first delivery was these 5:

And with my return from Munich had this sexy little number waiting for me:

Ok I may end up filling this thread up haha! New arrivals fresh today, A grape drank chapagne ken and murder stove from the man himself, Mrsourmash:


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