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UPDATE: iOS version now available too!

OUT NOW! KendamApp for Android. Coded by the forum's own shalafi.
Full version: NOW FREE!
Lite version:

NOW KendamApp for iOS too! Coded by the forum's own BatDancer
Full version NOW FREE:

--- Quote ---The ultimate app for kendama lovers.

-A trick reference library of 100 video tricks, with names in English and Japanese. From the basic Big Cup, to Aeroplane, Orbit, all the way up to "Reverse", "Hanging", and "Fast Hand" tricks, and much more. Keep a count of how many times you have done each one. Slo-mo playback[1].

-Official skill level charts, so you can keep track of your progress. Self-certify yourself through the Kyu, Pre-Dan and Dan rankings.

-Trick ladders. Preset and user-defined ladders. Challenge yourself to an easy, medium or hard series of tricks. Keep a record of your success.

-Moshi Kame Metronome. Train your moshi kame to a beat. Increase your speed as you get better. Auto-detect mode[2] will calculate how fast you are going!

Produced by the British Kendama Association. 1. Currently iOS only 2. Currently Android only
--- End quote ---

Finally some comfort way to count my moshi kames.

Check it out. Right below the Alcohol Calc  8)

Did you got a Galaxy Nexus or is it a custom ROM of ICS? Is a great phone, I love it :)

Nope, it is my old Nexus S with official ICS OTA update. Galaxy Nexus is too big for me. I miss Instagram and iPhone camera on Andoid phones so I maybe switch to iOS.  ;)


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