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[App/Game] Kendama Spin-off!

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Donald and Void have been at it again. This time they've come up with a battle-style game with several variations. Limited edition, get 'em while they're hot.
See for more details.

EDIT: Now also an App on Android & iOS! Links via the page above.


--- Quote ---this is sick , finaly a game something difference the KEN. Learn you beginners, advance and expert basics and create your own wheel of trick, thank you BKA for bring this into the world , thanks Donald and Void for the great artworks and the designs
--- End quote ---
--- Quote ---much thank's to the BKA for the new game !
--- End quote ---
--- Quote ---it's amazing :)
--- End quote ---

i seriously cant stop playing. I love it, helps with consistency.

Cant wait for mine to show up in the mail!

Back on ebay.


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