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The Void:

I have a few BKA-tees left in stock, on my store site. Grab one now, or send me a PM (by April 6th) if you want to order a different size for free delivery at BKO.
Your support is appreciated, thanks.

The Void:
Missed out on Bouncy String at BKO? Now available in the store. (Free shipping if ordered with other items.)

If you're outside the UK, please DM me to ask for a shipping option for your country (for any item).
Link in my signature.

The Void:
I've got a few natural Royals back in stock, and a Galaxy Ooooozy.
Be quick.

The Void:
Do you own the kendama books by me & Donald?

Yes? Excellent! What a fine, informed, sensible person you are!
No? Why not take this opportunity to buy them? Then you would own them, meaning you could read them, enjoy them, and learn some stuff! Wouldn't that be awesome? Plus, by buying them, you help to support me & Donald, which would be even more awesome!

Order them now from or your nearest stockist.

Thanks for listening!


The Void:
Hi @morgothaod , I ship internationally. £3.75 shipping to the states, for a Royal. Note, all prices are in GBP. Google will tell you the current conversion rate. My store is Paypal only. Drop me a line if you have any questions. Cheers!


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