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Title: Summer Festival Meetups?
Post by: Looby on 02 August, 2011, 21:19:52
I'm off to Shambala on the August bank holiday (25th - 28th August).  Amazing little festival (I say little as it hasn't grown in to the Womad or Glasto scale yet but there's still a really good turnout of nice minded people).  Put it this way I lost my phone there last year and an absolute gent arranged to meet me in one of the bar tents to hand it back and only wanted an irish coffee in return.  Such a nice mood throughout.  Reggae, funk and chilled beats during the day, drum and bass/dubstep by night. (

one of the photographers caught a brilliant pic of me and my mate grabbing some lunch (me on the left, Si in the ghillie suit).

( (

I'll take a couple of kendamas with me this year as well as some diabolos.  Anyone else keen?  Anyone else going to any other festivals?
Title: Re: Summer Festival Meetups?
Post by: The Void on 02 August, 2011, 23:05:11
Great photo!

Post EJC, Bristol ( is the next one for me.
Title: Re: Summer Festival Meetups?
Post by: AlexSmith on 03 August, 2011, 01:55:25
Hmm theres a Shambala festival near Edmonton too (well.. its about a 10 hour drive through the mountains, but kinda close). Its this upcoming weekend I think, I have a bunch of friends heading there.
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