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Video Challenge: Endless Combo (everybody can enter)

Started by Cliffdama, 18 April, 2013, 11:09:10

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Hi there everybody!

It's time for a new challenge! it will be fun and easy to play for everybody.  Besides the fun i think everybody will be able to learn from this challenge.


What's the goal of the game?
The goal is easy, I will put a simple trick combo in a post and all you have to do is film the combo and put it here in the topic.
The first person to post a link to a video of themselves doing the combo can put a new trick combo in a post etc etc.
Now the fun part is, the next combo always need to start with the 2nd(last) trick in the previous combo. (So if the second trick was a bird you can place the tama in bird position if you want)

combo 1: small cup -> big bird
The first to post this can make up the next combo in line. (Starting with a big bird)
Combo 2: big bird -> small bird
After that one is posted the next combo can be posted by the player.
Combo 3: small bird -> lighthouse
Etc etc etc...

Moves should be from one still position to another still position (by any method/variation you specify).
e.g. "Big Cup > Around Japan" would not be allowed, because Around Japan has 3 still positions in it (small cup, big cup, spike). But something like "Big Cup > Whirlwind Penguin Spike" would be allowed.

Any prizes?
Yes! Currently a Trojka 3 kendama is availiable to be won for a random participant between steps #151 - #175

Videos will be edited into compilations every 25 tricks.

Trick Rules
- You should start the new transition from the finish position of the previous trick. i.e. You can just place the kendama into position. You don't have to do the previous move, but you can if you want to. But if so remember to...
- Hold the start and finish positions of the combo still for a couple of seconds please.
- You must wait to have your attempt verified by the previous setter before setting the next step.
- Use any competition-sized kendama.
- You cannot reply to your own trick.
- You must wait to re-enter until 5 other people have done a combo after you set one.
- Your trick set may end on an active ballance (i.e Candle Balance) but you can use an active ballance in a transition of a trick/set
Video Rules (To help for a nicer compilation video)
- Make sure you have adequate lighting. Please film in daylight if possible. Clips usually look very poor in artificial light.
- Please film in Landscape, not Portrait, not Square.

Have fun!

Please scroll to the bottom of this post for the current Endless Combo trick.

So somebody needs to start the video so make it a good one! :D
Let's start:

Combo 1:
Big cup -> litle bird


Edited to add in the tricks as they are added, and who achieved them:
1. Big cup -> Small Bird (The Void)
2. Small Bird -> Penguin Base Cup (shalafi)
3. Penguin Base Cup -> Swing In (BrandonYoder)
4. Swing In->Bird (Yoda)
5. Bird -> Weak Hand Base Cup (BrandonYoder)
6. Weak Hand Base Cup -> Lighthouse (Cliffdama)
7. Lighthouse -> Weak Hand Spike.  (Dimensions)
8. Weak Hand Spike > (strong hand) Under-the-leg Gunslinger (BrandonYoder)
9. Under-the-leg Gunslinger-> Grip Change/Turnover to Backhand Tama grip (SamB)
10. Backhand Tama grip -> Build the Lighthouse (The Void)
11. Lighthouse -> Fast Hand Candle (Yoda)
12. Candle -> Fast Hand Stab (br4d24)
13. Stab -> Fast Hand Lighthouse (SeanW)
14. Lighthouse>Somersault to Lunar (mreasyguy)
15. Lunar > Somersault to Aeroplane (SamB)
16. Aeroplane > Double Jumping Sick (rawr)
17. Double Jumping Stick > Somersault to Stilts (Yoda)
18. Stilts -> Somersault to Lighthouse (donald grant)
19. Lighthouse -> Trapeze (MisterJumpshoe)
20. Trapeze -> 1-Turn Aeroplane (shalafi)
21. Aeroplane -> Drill (emagdnim)
22. Drill -> Tomahawk (The Void)
23. Tomahawk -> Behind The Side (Dimensions)
24. Behind the side > (from behind the back) Moon Circle (KendaMushroom)
25. Moon Circle > Double Earth Turn onto Small Bird (KendAlex)
(continued below) ← Please go to JTV for HD/download

26. Small Bird > Double Earth Turn to (Big) Bird (mreasyguy)
27. Bird > Whirlwind Spike (jafish41)
28. Spike > Double Gunslinger Big Cup (The Void)
29. Big Cup > Fast Hand Half Tornado Opposite Lunar (Dimensions)
30. Opposite Lunar > Somersault to Captain Hook (Yoda)
31. Captain Hook > 2-Turn Lighthouse (Yan Kud)
32. Lighthouse> Fast Hand 1-Turn Base Cup (BrandonYoder)
33. Base cup > (Side-style) Fast Hand 1-Turn Lighthouse (Ash)
34. Lighthouse > Double Somersault (mreasyguy)
35. Lighthouse > Tapped Somersault (The Void)
36. Lighthouse > Clap Tornado (Dimensions)
37. Lighthouse > [Drinks break] (Mark)
38. Lighthouse > Weak Hand Candle Balance (Jamiejuggler)
39. Weak Hand Candle Balance > Weak Hand Candle (Ian F)
40. Weak Hand Candle > Weak Hand (Candle grip) Body Catch (Kendama+cliniK)
41. Weak Hand (Candle grip) Body Catch > Strong Hand (Sara Grip) Big Cup (The Void)
42. Big Cup > Sara grip Slip Grip Special (Dimensions)
43. Sara grip Slip Grip Special > Swirl Aeroplane (Sonicpearse)
44. Aeroplane > Lighthouse (Kev)
45. Lighthouse > Jump Lighthouse (emagdnim)
46. Lighthouse > Swap In (shalafi)
47. Spike > Whirlwind Earth Turn (The Void)
48. Spike > Insta-UFO (mreasyguy)
49. UFO > Backhand 1-Turn Scoop Spike (Dimensions)
50. Backhand Tama Grip > Fast Hand Flying Top (Cliffdama)
(continued below) ← Please go to JTV for HD/download

51. Spike -> Double Orbit Earth Turn ([user]joris.schweppe[/user])
52. Spike > Spacewalk 1-Turn Aeroplane ([user]Sonicpearse[/user])
53. Aeroplane > (1-Legged & 1-Eyed) Lighthouse ([user]The Void[/user])
54. Lighthouse > Eyeswap Handswap Falling Down ([user]HansNickmans[/user])
55. Weak Hand Aeroplane > Whirlwind Swap and Pop ([user]Mark[/user])
56. Base Cup > Swing To Bat ([user]Kendama+cliniK[/user])
57. Bat > 1.5 Whirlwind Spike ([user]kendamatty[/user])
58. Spike -> Penguin Big Cup (ken grip) ([user]jordanfung[/user])
59. Penguin Big Cup > Bird ([user]The Void[/user])
60. Bird > Banking ([user]Dimensions[/user])
61. Banking > Columbus Trap ([user]mreasyguy[/user])
62. Columbus Trap (aka Ladybug) > Tapped-down Earth Turn ([user]Kev[/user])
63. Tapped-down Earth Turn > Unload Reload Gunslinger ([user]SweetsKendamas[/user])
64. Weak hand Tama grip > (1.5 Turn) Handswap UFO ([user]KendAlex[/user])
65. [Strong hand] Aeroplane position > Handswap Reverse Double Jumping Stick ([user]joris.schweppe[/user])
66. [Weak hand] Aeroplane position > Juggle to [Strong Hand] Candle ([user]Mr.Tiller[/user])
67. Candlestick (Strong hand) > Fast Handswap Aeroplane ([user]Sonicpearse[/user])
68. [Weak hand] Aeroplane position > [Strong Hand] Half Swirl Lighthouse ([user]The Void[/user])
69. Lighthouse > Curl to Penguin Lighthouse ([user]Dimensions[/user])
70. Penguin Lighthouse > Somersault to weak hand Dead Drop ([user]mreasyguy[/user])
71. Weak hand Spike > Strong hand insta-jumping stick ([user]kendamatty[/user])
72. [Aeroplane position] > Landing Strip ([user]SamB[/user])
73. Landing Strip > Somersault to [weak arm] Landing Strip ([user]Kev[/user])
74. Weak Arm Landing Strip > Strong Hand Lighthouse ([user]Sonicpearse[/user])
75. Lighthouse > Fast Hand Candle Grip Big Cup ([user]shalafi[/user]) ← Please go to JTV for HD/download

76. [Candle grip] Big Cup -> Fast Hand Stab ([user]DamaLife24[/user])
77. [from Sara grip Spike] > Whirlwind Earth Turn ([user]The Void[/user])
78. [from ken grip] > Pirouette ([user]Dimensions[/user])
79. [from ken grip] > Whirlpool ([user]Kev[/user])
80. [from Whirlpool] > Lighthouse ([user]Kendamatty[/user])
81. [from Lighthouse] > Axe (3 seconds still) ([user]SamB[/user])
82. [from Axe] > Stilts (3 seconds still) ([user]mreasyguy[/user])
83. [from Stilts] > Juggle to Base Cup ([user]DamaLife24[/user])
84. [from Base Cup] > Fast Hand Orbit Spike ([user]Dimensions[/user])
85. [from Spiked] > Grind Bird ([user]the milky oolong[/user])
86. [from Bird] > Monkey's Chair ([user]kendamatty[/user])
87. [from Monkey's Chair] > Penguin Base Cup ([user]jsirois31[/user])
88. [from Penguin Base Cup] > (Big Cup) Bird ([user]The Void[/user])
89. [from Bird] > Flat Palm Catch ([user]shalafi[/user])
90. [from Flat Palm Catch] > Backhand Scoop Spike ([user]donald grant[/user])
91. [from Backhand Scoop Spike] > Back of Hand Inverted Balance ([user]DamaLife24[/user])
92. [from Back of Hand Inverted Balance] > Back of Weak Hand Inverted Balance (3 seconds) ([user]Dimensions[/user])
93. [from Back of Weak Hand Inverted Balance] > Drop to Fast Hand Drill ([user]Sonicpearse[/user])
94. [from loaded tama grip] > Moon Landing ([user]the milky oolong[/user])
95. [from Moon Landing] > Half Lunar Rover ([user]The Void[/user])
96. [from Opposite Lunar] > Fast Hand Knee Stab ([user]donald grant[/user])
97. [from Stabbed Knee] > Swing to Bat ([user]DamaLife24[/user])
98. [from Bat] > Fast Hand 1-Turn Aeroplane ([user]shalafi[/user])
99. [from Aeroplane] > Jake's Gunslinger ([user]SamB[/user])
100. [from twisted Sara grip] > Sara Grip Reverse Whirlwind ([user]Will T[/user]) ← Please go to JTV for HD/download

101. [from Loaded Sara grip] > Juggle to Stab ([user]The Void[/user])
102. [from Loaded Sara grip] > Arm - Knee Bounce to Base Cup ([user]Sonicpearse[/user])
103. [from base cup] > Swing In ([user]Dimensions[/user])
104. [from Loaded Sara grip] > (Single Handed) Fork Catch ([user]Kendama+cliniK[/user])
105. [from Single Handed Fork Catch - Sara Grip] > Fast Hand Aeroplane ([user]Kev[/user])
106. [from Aeroplane Position] > Pistolero Drop (A.K.A. Drop to Two-Fingered Balance) ([user]kendamatty[/user])
107. [from Pistolero with Dropped Tama] > Fast Hand Lighthouse ([user]The Void[/user])
108. [from Lighthouse] > Horizontal Forearm Trap ([user]LarsVegas[/user])
109. [from Horizontal Forearm Trap] > 3-Quarter Handswap Jumping Stick ([user]Dimensions[/user])
110. [from Weak Hand Aeroplane] > Handswap Lighthouse to Insta-Somersault ([user]Sonicpearse[/user])
111. [from Lighthouse] > Figure-8 Aeroplane ([user]shalafi[/user])
112. [from Aeroplane Position] > Somersault to Opposite Lunar ([user]kendamatty[/user])
113. [from Opposite Lunar] > Fast Hand Candle ([user]The Void[/user])
114. [from Candle] > Tornado Candle ([user]Paul_S[/user])
115. [from Candle] > Balance 'n' Stab ([user]the milky oolong[/user])
116. [from Loaded Sara Grip] > (Sara Grip) Bird ([user]Peter W.[/user])
117. [from Sara Grip Bird] > (Sara Grip) Bird Turn (@Zdenc)
118. [from Sara Grip Bird] > Fast Hand 1-Turn Lighthouse (@Dimensions)
119. [from Lighthouse] > Swap Bird (@The Void)
120: [from Bird] > Backhand Base Cup (@shalafi)
121. [from Backhand Base Cup] > Orbit to Penguin Base Cup (@KenSan)
122. [from Penguin Base Cup] > Backhand Clifftop (@the milky oolong)
123. [from Backhand Clifftop] > Fast Hand Dead Body (@kendamatty)
124. [from Dead Body] > Index Finger Lighthouse (@cello_91)
125. [from Index Finger Lighthouse] > Axle Spin (@Sam B) ← Please go to JTV for HD/download

126. [from Index Finger Lighthouse] > Swap Spike ( @The Void )
127. [from Spike (modified ken grip)] > Knee Bounce to Base Cup (@KenSan)
128. [from Sara Grip Base Cup] > Fast Hand 2-Turn Aeroplane (@Peat)
129. [From Loaded Tama Grip] > Lunar (Zero Spin) (@mreasyguy)
130. [From Lunar] > Spike-Tap to Lighthouse (@BenPycroft24)
131. [From Lighthouse] > Reverse Falling Down (@shalafi)
132. [from Loaded Tama Grip] > Zero Swap Stab (@The Void)
133. [From Loaded Sara Grip] > Horizontal Loaded Drill (@nemo)
134. [From Loaded Sara Grip] > Earth Turn to Penguin Spike (@KenSan)
135. [From Loaded Penguin Sara Grip] > Swap to Big Cup (@SamB)
136. [From Ken Grip Big Cup] > Swap (Sara Grip) Penguin Spike (@s070s)
137. [From Sara Grip Penguin Spike] > Knight of the Round Table (@shalafi)
138. [From (Kneeling) Spike] > Static Leg Chop (@The Void)
139. [from Base Cup Under Opposite Knee (with Same Knee on the floor)] > Nanchuku Exchanges to Nanchuku Aeroplane (@Dimensions]
140. [From Aeroplane] > Tap Back Jumping Stick (@KenSan)
141. [from Aeroplane] > Spike-tapped Double Jumping Stick (@the milky oolong)
142. [from Aeroplane] > Somersault to Interrupt Captain Hook to Reverse 1-Turn Lighthouse ( @kendamatty )
143. [from Lighthouse] > Fast Hand Back Hand Stall ( @Jak )
144. [from Back Hand Stall] > Fast Hand Lighthouse ( @The Void )
145. [from Lighthouse] > 3-Juggle Spike (@nemo)
146. [from Spike] > Earth turn to Bird (@Dimensions)
147. [from Bird] > Little Bird (@shalafi)
148. [from Little Bird] > Little Bird Turn (@Maicodama)
149. [from Little Bird] > Fast-Hand 1-turn Lighthouse to Insta Somersault (@Jak)
150. [from Lighthouse] > Fast Hand Spike (@Kofi) ← Please go to JTV for HD/download

151. [from Spike] > Big Cup (KenSan Jnr.)
152. [from Big Cup] > Fast Throw Lunar  ( @The Void )
153. [from Lunar] > (Half Somersault to) Index Trap Inverted Clifftop ( @the milky oolong )
154. [from Trapped Clifftop] > Whirlwind Weak Hand Spike ( @KenSan )
155. [from Weak Hand Spike] > Swap Whirlwind Earth Turn ( @s070s )
156. [from loaded ken grip] > Earth Turn Fast Hand Secret Grip Body Catch (@Dimensions)
157. [from (Secret Grip) Body Catch] > Slip-Grip Special ( @jakub.zahumensky )
158. [from Slip Grip Special] > (Secret grip) Stab ( @The Void )
159. [from (Secret grip) Stabbed] > Yank Spike ( @BenPycroft24 )
160. [from (Secret Grip) Stabbed] > Earth Turn to Penguin Spike  ( @fiddletriks )
161. [from loaded Penguin Secret grip] > Earth Turn ( @shalafi )
162. [from loaded Penguin Secret Grip] > Twist & Drop grip change ( @s070s )
163. [from loaded penguin reverse ken grip] > Knee-bounce Swing To Base Cup ( @jakub.zahumensky )
164. [from sara grip base cup] > Faster than fasthand aeroplane ( @John )
165. [from loaded tama grip] > 1.5 UFO Palm Trap & rotate to Palm-Trapped Lighthouse ( @The Void )
166. [from Palm-Trapped Lighthouse > Unwind, and 2-Turn Aeroplane ( @Cliffdama )
167. [from loaded tama grip] > 1.5 Turn Trapeze ( @Matt Goody )
168. [from Trapeze] > Reverse Tumble Fast Hand Spike ( @shalafi )
169. [from loaded ken grip] > Reverse Whirlwind Earth Turn ( @jakub.zahumensky )
170. [from loaded ken grip] > Fast Hand Lighthouse ( @John )
171. [from Lighthouse] > Trade to Wingwalker ( @kendamatty )
172. [from Wingwalker] > Barrel Roll/Tornado Big Cup ( @The Void )
173. [from ken grip Big Cup] > Naughty Bird (2 seconds still). ( @Dimensions )
174. [from ken grip Naughty Bird] > Slip-on Insta Swap Stab ( @KenSan )
175. [from penguin sara grip, loaded ken] > Fast Hand Stab Fast Hand Tama Grip ( @jakub.zahumensky ) ← Please go to JTV for HD/download

176. [from tama grip] > 1-Turn Swap Stab ( @Woodsy )
177. [from loaded sara grip] > Fast Hand 1-Turn Small Lunar ( @John )
178. [from Small Lunar] > 3/4-Turn Weak Hand BackOfHand Lighthouse ( @The Void )
179. [from Back-of-weak-hand Lighthouse] > Throw to Loaded Back-of-weak-hand balance


The Void

Okay, if no-one else wants to start, I will...

Endless Combo (part 1) - juggling videos hosted @


Part 2:
Small Bird -> Penguin Base Cup
If you don't want to BUY MY BOOKS 😉, then why not ask your local library to order them in, and read them for free? That would help too. Cheers!


i think its time for some lovely flowers in your garden

(nice competition idea!!)


this is fun... uploading

I just noticed that it is suposed to be penguin... does this count?

Void siad: No it doesn't

I have removed the video, see proper step 2 later on the thread.
Spanish Kendama Champion 2010, 2012, 2014-16
Depth Perception is Overrated.

The Void

Oh, sorry, no, it's got to be Penguin Base Cup.
I know you can do it though... Go for it!

@so7os: That's the veg patch!
If you don't want to BUY MY BOOKS 😉, then why not ask your local library to order them in, and read them for free? That would help too. Cheers!


In fact, I am uploading the penguin now :) Edit: Done, removing the old video from the thread as well

Kendama Endless Combo - Part 2 (for real) - juggling videos hosted @

Step 3: penguin base cup -> swing in
Spanish Kendama Champion 2010, 2012, 2014-16
Depth Perception is Overrated.

The Void

Nice one. Step 3 is interesting: A little awkward to get it smooth, but not too crazy... Who will nail it first?
If you don't want to BUY MY BOOKS 😉, then why not ask your local library to order them in, and read them for free? That would help too. Cheers!


I want to suggest a rule that may be obvious: You can not reply to your own trick.
Spanish Kendama Champion 2010, 2012, 2014-16
Depth Perception is Overrated.


hmmm...but sure if im right, but ill give it a go


Did i do this correctly? or no?
if i did...
Step 4: Swing in->Big Bird


Spanish Kendama Champion 2010, 2012, 2014-16
Depth Perception is Overrated.


Count me in! ;)

Step 5: big bird -> weak hand base cup


Wow, great to see everybody like the concept. Offcourse it needs some finetuning. Today i'm going to edit my first post with some clear rules etc. And maybe give this next step a try myself! Keep up te fun!


My turn
Weak hand base cup > (strong hand) floor bounce little cup

Oops just realised I didn't do the challenge right (I had to do big bird> weak hand base)
Could this still be part of the combo???
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