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New arrivals thread (pics) - what did you just get?

Started by The Void, 31 January, 2014, 14:28:35

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Today I got this birthday gift from my most lovely wife. It's awesome and even though it almost breaks my heart (I was completely surprised and she put so much thought into it), we'll give it back. Technically it's not so well made: the zippers almost don't get around the edge, one's already broken, and in total they don't run very smooth. One of the separators inside is already broken.
Besides (it's completely custom made), my wife asked for something smaller just to carry 4-5 kendamas, properly separated, something you can carry around with you or put into your backpack for travel. This here is almost a suitcase with rigid walls. The maker admitted that she went way over the top with the concept (she even did some google research about kendamas), i.e. she knew well what she was doing.
We would ignore all that if it wasn't for the price. She almost quadrupled the price my wife originally intended.

So, we'll ask her to re-use the material (look at the stitching) and come up with a smaller bag. Yet, I'm so happy anyway and I'm looking forward to what will come.
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The Void

Oh, that's a shame that it didn't turn out well. The idea is really nice (and thoughtful), but yes, it's a bit too big, isn't it, unless you want to carry your collection of Performers around. The lettering looks great though!

I have a couple of smallish hard cases which I fit 10 or so kendamas into. But when looking to carry a small number of KDs in a larger bag or case, I don't really have an ideal solution. But then I tend to swap around my bag/kendama numbers/choices so much that it doesn't really bother me. (Currently using a Tesco BagForLife!)
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I've been kicking myself ever since I missed out on the Snow Gold and Sparkling Green Mugen Musous, but today definitely made up for it!

This showed up extremely quick from Japan, it was mailed on the 20th and got here this afternoon.  I can't say enough about the craftsmanship, everything about it just 'feels' right.  The paint job on the tama is absolutely gorgeous with just the right amount of tack for balance tricks.  I'm almost nervous to give it a proper breaking in, but as soon as some of my initial awe fades away I will be sure to put it through its paces.

mugen01 by mrtophat1982, on Flickr

mugen by mrtophat1982, on Flickr

mugen02 by mrtophat1982, on Flickr

And I hope those bags get fixed up nice and proper Lars, it is a great gift idea.

The Void

Two things for me today. A new Sweets Focus, plus my JKA membership. I'm pretty sure that makes me and @nori_to_mo the only 2 members of both _KAs.
If you don't want to BUY MY BOOKS 😉, then why not ask your local library to order them in, and read them for free? That would help too. Cheers!



Quote from: mrjuggles on 25 February, 2014, 19:24:45Oooo...How do I sign up for the JKA?
Read about it on BUT email them first, as the fees are slightly different for foreigners. (We assume that) they will send you an application form with joining details.


Last thing i got in te mail a few weeks ago. Got more but no pics on my phone. Enjoy!


WOW.....the wood is just gorgeous....Beautiful.  How does it play and what's the wood.

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It's olive wood and only did a few big cups on it. Not going to play it anymore just for display it's a piece of art to me :). Also the wood is very heavy. This one gets a nice spot next to the mosou. The best looking kendama i got!


After being in the UK nearly 2 weeks (Damn Parcelforce!) Finally got my breeze orange, best colour so far!


My new KROM claw Deluxe
Edit: couldn't get pic to add so here is a link. Mod edit: added the pic link.

It took a while to get but it is allready amazingly good!

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My new arrivals never tend to come alone haha! Added 3 new Sweets Pro/Legend models to my collection.


I received my game of "Spin Off!" today but to my surprise I was sent extra stickers and origional artwork from the man himself [user]DonaldGrant[/user]!

Thanks BKA!

(Can someone tell me how to embed IG pics, please)

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Just got this from kenco as a prize in the gunslinger am night.
Does anyone know who make these and what it's called?


I think it's a Shin-Fuji healthy kendama or something like that
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