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New Oozora's

Started by HansNickmans, 25 January, 2016, 10:40:12

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Saw some new oozora's popping up on Facebook, so I checked their site. New models are the Premium Red & Blue (after white, orange, gold & green) and the new animal "Monkey Light blue". It's about as close to a Wine Oozora we'll get for the moment :)
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Can't say I am particularly bothered about those two new premium colours. The monkey doesn't look too bad and the finish looks like a matt type from what I can see.
I love ozoras and currently on my want list is a premium gold and a keyaki and a yellow if anyone wants to part with one!
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blue and red look AWESOME to me


I saw some new ones pop up today, maybe they've been available for longer:

- Full Maple Oozora
- Translucent Brown (in the same line as the translucent green one that Void had)
- Premium Half Fades
Also, the premium Orange and Light Blue have apparently been reissued.

All of them are on the KendamaUSA shop:

I'm not really bothered with the new colours, but that maple is very interesting :-)

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The Void

I wish I'd bought another white one for myself when they were available.
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I got a light blue one on the old kendamaworld website which is now skilltoyz or some thing. It was about £20 when I got it and now it's £40 on there now also. Bargain!!!

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Hmm that Maple is very tempting!

Does KendamaUSA have a special relationship Ozora as Ive not seen these anywhere else?

May have to scour a few Japanese sites.
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The maple ozora is fantastic! Maple on maple has a surprising grip IMO, better than my keyaki oz out the box. It's currently my main jammer and its breaking in really nicely. Would be great with a premium Oz tama on top of it!

As an aside I would love to get hold of an Enjyu ozora. Does anyone know if they are still being produced?
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Some new Premium Ozora. The White with red stripes been around a little while now I think, but the Premium (Royal?) Blue is pretty new and looks delightful!

Will @Craftybuddy be getting hold of any of these I wonder?
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Yeah they look nice.

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After seeing it floating around on instagram somewhere I found this blogpost from Sweets:

Apparently a new oozora shape is coming (the S-line?). Will they be replacing the entire collection or just be an addition?
Either way, I'm intrigued. And it comes with a competition seal, so it seems the JKA is branching out a bit?
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From the post, it's a recommended model, so no competition approval. It sounds like a new addition.

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Hopefully here's a little link to that new Ozora shape.

Its allowed for use up to Pre-dan grading wise so I would expect its not allowed for use in JKA comps. But if it fits the GLOKEN box then it would be all good for other comps.

Either way I am definitely interested it trying one out.

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I got one for play....its gerat Kendama.

I made some compariyon pictures

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