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Kendama Europe's new webshop and opening discount

Started by Kendama Europe, 04 September, 2016, 15:59:10

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Kendama Europe

Hey Guys,
this is Marc from Kendama Europe.
I'm really proud that I can tell you today, that we have just released our new refreshed webshop.
So, more than 8 years ago, we have started Europe's largest Kendama webshop junder the domain
The domain remains the same, but the look and the products have been totally renewed.
You will find regularly new offers, sales promotion and the latest Kendamas from around the world.
For the beginning I want to offer you a 20% discount for your first two order during September 2016.
Your discount code is: KendamaEurope

I'm always happy to hear your thoughts, wishes for new products or critics.
I hope you like the new shop!

Kendama production and shop since 2008 at

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One thing I particularly like is that it's properly adapted to smartphones.

I have to take a look at it from the laptop to compare :-P
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