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How do you learn/practice new tricks?

Started by TechieCrow, 09 May, 2018, 13:12:29

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I'm wondering how everyone learns and practices new tricks, personally I don't grind it I just casually try every now and then while practicing other ones then when I feel comfortable with others I move on.

For example I really want to learn hurricane and managed to a few rotations but that's practicing it maybe once a day while I'm practicing Around Japan to Kenflip.  Mostly just having fun. :)

The Void

For me, it depends what I'm learning the trick for. If it's just "a new trick", then I'll go about it similarly to you. Although I like to have an occassional 10-minute (which will feel like longer) solid session on "getting the feel", i.e. making sure I have an idea about what the movement/technique for the trick is. If however I'm learning a trick for a competition, or for a grading, then I try to have a daily run-through drill of the list. Or if it's a "video trick", then wait until I have sun/nice location, and then grind 'til it's done. If I'm still not getting anywhere with a trick, then I'll wait until the next meet, and ask someone for advice. Or check a tutorial video.
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