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Post your Kendama Collection.

Started by cgmarshall, 07 June, 2012, 07:35:03

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Lets see your Kendama collection.
I only have a few, but im sure there are people out there with loads of great ones.
Here is mine so far:  ;)


Have you tried opening and playing with one yet?
Kendama is more fun to play than it is to see.


Yes, of course i do. I have about 6 i play with. I'm addicted to playing with Kendama's.

Just I can admire the history and craftsmanship that goes into making them too. And I personal think they are beautiful to look at.
I don't see any difference from someone who makes a surf board by hand, lots of people would describe them as works of art.


Very true! haha
By the way, those Oozoras with the white packaging are quickly becoming somewhat collectible, in case you weren't aware. Worth hanging on to.

I'll see if I can post some pics of my collection soon



Kendama Collection April 2012 by samuelrbradley

Here is mine as it stood after the BKO. Left to right:

Muji kendama - £1.80 bargain and impossible to catch in the cups
Kendama USA Colin Sander Pro Model - slightly defaced by an unknown artist
Blue Yumu
Natural Shin Fuji - One of my favourites
Red Deathray Fugen - An excellent late night purchase
Red TK16 - My first and only just retired
Gold Dragon Oozora - Won in sitting down K-E-N after the BKO
White Sunrise - My current take everywhere kendama
Green Oozora - The white package my kendama of choice in 2011
Red Taiyo - Won in the beginners division at the BKO in 2010
Purple Rokurosen - Probably my favourite for looking at
Sky blue Oozora - An old stringless friend
Seafoam Sweets Kendama - Smells really nice
Also a green Oozora in package won in the moshi kame at the 2011 BKO and a yellow Oozora (not pictured) staying fresh for the EKO.

You may be able to spot my copies of "Spike!" and "Knees!" in amongst the books too.
BKO 2011 - 2nd, SRC 2011 - 2nd,  SRC 2012 - 2nd, EJC 2012 (unicorns) - 2nd, SRC 2013 - 2nd, BKO 2013 - 3rd - Always the bridesmaid...


^ how long ago did you get your hands on the Deathray? I've been waiting on mine for about... 8 months now?  :(


I think it was about March time. It travelled the 5000 odd miles to me pretty quickly too! It's a cool thing to have and non-kendama people seem to like it.
BKO 2011 - 2nd, SRC 2011 - 2nd,  SRC 2012 - 2nd, EJC 2012 (unicorns) - 2nd, SRC 2013 - 2nd, BKO 2013 - 3rd - Always the bridesmaid...


Here's a link to my kendama collection on Facebook:

The collection : 41 Kendamas (1 Gold Sunrise not in photo), 2 Bilboquets, 2 Baleros, 2 Cup and balls, 1 Ticayo, 2 Capiruchos

JKA Kendamas
Top Row: Ozoras: Emperor, Natural 5-cup Smile, Keyaki hardwood, Blue Metallic, Sourmash Purple Raisin, Graphite with Green Cap, Sourmash Rasta, Red
Bottom Row: Pink TK-16, Green TK-16, Red TK-16, Red TK-16 Junior, Black w Gold Stripe Shin-Fuji, Blue Shin-Fuji, Red Wine Mugen, Blue Shin-Sakura, Blue Sakura

Top Row: Jumbo Red Stain, Silver KC II Winner, White KC Basic II, Blue Yumu Kendama, Cheese, Red SunRise Kendama Peformer, Custom Filipino Flag Wood-burned Sunrise, Green Sunrise Mini, Deathray "Blue-It", Blue G-ken
Bottom Row: Blue Sourmash Jumbo Shenzu, Gold Shenzu, Blue/Gold Marble Sweets Biggie, Black/orange/yellow Sweets Fade, Purple Sweets Mini, Custom "Pereira Crest" Tribute, Red/White Kengarden Roots Tour 2012 Signed Tribute Sourmash Painted, The Stove by Sourmash, Blue Yomega Starcatcher, Blue Lego Kendama

Bilbostyle bilboquet, Natural biboquet, "EAP" Custom Balero, Rainbow balero, Bamboo Cup and ball, Colorful Cup and ball, Natural Ticayo, 2 Capiruchos from Guatemala, Red Mini Kendama, Kendama Eraser, Micro kendama from Craftybuddy

Erik Pereira


hey folks,

here you see already a old picture of my collection.
this photo was made in february 2012, and it contains 164 pieces.
i'm now hitting more then 200 and i need to make a new picture soon
till then you can enjoy this one.
(i'm sorry i did not describe all those pieces)
if there are any questions, feel free to ask me


@KendAlex:  That is just amazing!!!  You should charge admission to see such a beautiful collection!!!


thanks GODstrument.
i love to share this picture, so people can enjoy watching it.


@KendAlex What is the kendama that is black with the light blue stripes on it?
Marvelous collection too!


Quote from: Chadman on 22 June, 2012, 19:33:52
@KendAlex What is the kendama that is black with the light blue stripes on it?
Marvelous collection too!
the Black with the straight light blue lines is a custom Sweets kendama

The Void

All the kendamas in my house last week:
If you don't want to BUY MY BOOKS 😉, then why not ask your local library to order them in, and read them for free? That would help too. Cheers!


That red play kendama looks like a mini size. Or has it been played extensively?

I'll try to get my 'collection' up in a couple of days, I live in two places at once so my collection is scattered...
Kendama Belgium!