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Post your Kendama Collection.

Started by cgmarshall, 07 June, 2012, 07:35:03

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oh gosh! that actually works if i use enough elbow grease! pro tip :)


even more pro. use kneaded rubber instead of a standard brick eraser.
you can find one in the same isle at an arts & crafts store. for a dollar

but honestly, what your kendama looks like is broken-in woodgrain. the oils and funk from your hands have worked their way into the wood and formed a grippy barrier. this may be "dirty" but is definitely more playable than a smoothed/slippery woodgrain

and i love bamboo damas. they take forever to break in but once they do; bamboo turns into one of the most durable kendamas with a satisfying CLACK


Ah, interesting you say clack, as that's what I always call it. Although as I've been getting better it has turned into more of a click.

The noise is the main thing that drew me to kendama, so I'm glad I picked me a nice one! Like I say I picked it cos it was pretty.

Also, it never even occurred to me that different types of wood would make different noises! Maybe I do need to expand my collection...


This is mine. Left to right: Klack Custom, Sanded yomega Pro, Kenco Glow green jumbo, Sweets voodama, and terra pill.

Simplicity! CLICKON!


This is my 'collection' so far, in order of preference: a mandhandled enjyu withouts its JKA sticker, a crisp keyaki, and a totally useless Play.

On it's way are both Kaizen Padauk and the padauk proto, and from Krom a khaya mahogany one.

And yeah, I love nattys in case that wasn't obvious.

[edit: I JUST realized I have been colour coordinating my strings with the wood. OCD-alert?)


Here is my Ken-board. 1 viking and 1 krom deluxe is missing :)


Been playing since April on and off. Starter to play a bit more when Uni started up again and at the time I only had my Keyaki Ozora.
This is where I am now.
Ozora Keyaki
Premium White Ozora (Battered to shreds)
Red TK16
and Krom Viking Zebra (Odd Stripes as Conventional as I've Noticed)


the milky oolong

Gone for a long time without ever doing this, but finally worked out how to get pics to a relatively normal size in order to attach here:

My collection (from left to right:)

corner: unknown make mini-bilboquet, needs a bit of sanding work to make the boule (mat) sit right, but hey, lovely little thing
mid: TK16 Master natty
back: KROM Autum Berlin signed by Thorkild, Mathias and Philip, set to be one of the prizes for the first big Kendama Battle in Berlin, never played.
front: TK16 Junior, my first ever kendama. Had no idea it was smaller than a standard, as there was nothing to compare it io!
back: Ozora Enju
front: Ozora blue
back: Ozora green
front: prototype fade from KendamaISR, given to me by Aviram Lugassi at Klunker Kranich, Berlin
mid: white PLAY kendama 2013 model, first Kendama given to me by Marc Wibbels at the first Berlin meet
back: KROM Red Oak blue tama
front: prototype PLAY Pro K 2014 orange, (thanks Marc W)
mid: PLAY Pro K green stripe (again, thanks Marc W)
front: KROM Mini
back: KROM Zebra
front: KROM Deluxe Rubberwood/Walnut
back: KROM Crack Red (retired: spike obliterated)
mid: Royal Kendama red tama
back: PLAY Kendama Hardwood (thanks Marc W)
front: Tribute Translucent Pink (won on the BKA forum draw 2014! Get involved, people!)
on loan from the collection: limited edition Tribute gold embossed black tama (won on the BKA forum draw 2014! Get involved...!), needed to get my brother hooked on kendama, which has seemed to work!
Kendama Berlin
German Kendama Open 2014: 1st Place Speed Trick, 2nd Place Knockout
German Kendama Championships 2015: 3rd Place Speed Trick
KEN FEST Hannover, 2016: 3rd Place KEN Battle
KENDAMA CLASH Berlin 2016: 1st Place Intermediate


6 months in and I feel I don't quite have enough yet! aha


My little collection so far. Only really using the ozora and the krom at the front. The quad split and yellow are to replace those once they are trashed and the padauk dragon was my first kendama. Starting to find myself wanting to collect ozoras after playing with one. Also have a light blue in the packaging. Oh and also my daughters krom mini making an appearance  ;)


Updated with The Krom Family and the awe-inspiring GT-Prospect


3rd place @ BKO 2016 Adv. Division. :-)


couple recent shots i took

grain theory spectrum - verde

maple sol kendama - yancy custom stripe

yes, i 'mugen-ed' the basecup :)


Here's my home made collection!

All of them, I think, in more or less chronological order.

The 'old' ones.

The newest. 8% bigger, standard and 8% smaller ash, and a 8% smaller birch.

I old-schooled the slip ring on the birch.
Mr European Speed Trick Champion 2010! :D (as suggested by The Void)