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The Void:
Something from a couple of weeks ago, when the weather was between extremes. A drop into Bat, instead of a lift...

Today is been 11 years since I bought my first kendama, possibly 13 years since I played with one for the first time.

The Void:
Here are a couple of contact-y lines from the garden.               
Weather being distinctly variable of late. Cat on wall is unimpressed.               
Contact Noddy!

The Void:
Nice to be able to listen to some strong England batting today. Meanwhile, in the lunch break, thought I'd bettr hop on the old kendama for my daily exercise.

The Void:
What with the autumn coming on, and the light starting to consider its options with respect to fading, I thought I'd do a week of tricks. Mostly just to keep getting a bit of daily exercise. Here are the first five:


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