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The Void:
Back in 2013 at the BKO weekender, @MisterJumpshoe 's description/suggestion of Around Oban seemed ridiculous.

Time moves on, and I thought I'd have a try at filming it whilst the clickers were in Amsterdam. Although I didn't get all the way Around, I present to you The Oban Bypass: ← Original JTV page

And if you're asking "What's Around Oban?" then, come on, you really ought to be able to work it out.  :P

Oh, well done!

The trickiest part for me has been either the axe or going from spike to small-cup stilts. Good job getting that far!

Nice and lovely trick!

First attempt??

The Void:
Thanks chaps.
@MisterJumpshoe For me I think it'll be either Spike to Opposite Small Stilt, or from there to Opp Small Lunar.
@Jak On camera, yes. I'd been idly having a go, and it was going okay, so I decided to try to film it. You perhaps can't hear because of the wind, but that's me saying "Take 1!". :)

So... The race Around Oban is on!


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