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Tracking multiple j-sticks

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Alright chaps, I need your help with this one. I'm not bad at tracking a double j-stick, but anything more than that seems almost impossible. Trips and quads are up there, doing their spinny thing at high speed, and I have no idea how many rotations they're doing. When they come down I just randomly lunge in with the tama and hope for the best. It never ends well.

So... how can I increase my chances of tracking and landing a quad j-stick (for example!!!)
Any help appreciated. Hehe. :D

The Void:
I think a good start would be not to have eyes as old as mine.  ;)

For me personally it's a weird muscle memory thing, along with timing, and a lot of focus and good lighting, good luck!

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I'll give tips on Thursday if still required :)

Is it Thursday yet? :)

Could really do with some muscles before the memory @fiddletriks but we'll see how it goes! Can't believe you landed it so quickly, amazing. Good luck @The Void, hope to see you at the finish line this week... I have no doubts you will make it!


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