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Canterbury, April 8th, UK

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The Void:
Calling Kent!
Let's have another park jam!
Dane John Gardens, from 12:30 onwards, Sunday 8th April.
Bring your kendamas, your knees, and your fun! :-)

Nearest cheap Sunday car park: CT1 2RB. £1 all day on a Sunday.

@KenSan @johndmc @Its_mrdiz @Matt Goody @Oblivion @Mad0zak @splintaz @spadgy


Yes indeed! More than up for this little venture!

I'm off all day & shall bring as many people as I can muster.

I'll also share it about with as much influence as I can.

The Void:
@Its_mrdiz Wicked. 👍

Reckon I can make this. Unfortunately Kensan Jnr has fallen out of love with kendama again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Void:
@KenSan A) Great! B) Ah, give him 10 years or so... :D


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