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The British Kendama Open 2019

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Dates :
SOCIAL DAY: Saturday May 11th, from 12:00 on Cathedral Green

COMPETITION DAY: Sunday May 12th 2019, from 10:30
The City Gate, Exeter, Devon, UK
Iron Bridge, Exeter EX4 3RB

- Beginner Speed Ladder
- Intermediate Speed Ladder
- Open
- Freestyle

Event Link:

Further details Pending and Tricklists to follow.
Meanwhile check out the ARK instagram account for quick updates and stay tuned.
Mark those calendars and clear your schedule.
See you soon,


[Mod edit: Deleted IG post link removed.]

List best read to the soundtrack of 3:10 on...

The Void:
Hey @Maicodama ,
A) If you're using the clip I filmed for you, it wasn't *Swing* Wingwalker, it was just Wingwalker.
B) It's not April 1st
C) Funny, I could've sworn you said last time I saw you that you'd realised it was more fun for people to watch players hitting tricks than missing them.
D) What are the rules of the Freestyle, please? Time? Judging criteria?
E) The FB event page appears not to be publicly viewable.

I despair.


Slightly ammended

@The Void. As always there’s niggles and you always find holes in how this has been set. Noted that the Open Tricklist had some errors which have been rectified.

It’s taken me a while to think and set these tricks and think about the difficulty.

Since you’ve publicly spoken freely about your opinion on here then I guess I should respond accordingly.

As for rules and regulations on freestyle there will be a intro video (like we do every year) to explain.

The Facebook event is definitely public and it has been since It was posted perhaps you can take a closer look.

I could spend a whole lot of time explaining but perhaps a private message would’ve sufficed.


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