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The Void:
I thought I'd rescue this from the Twitter feed.
Pull-up, catch here.

Now that looks a little tricky.

I've been trying the slip grip stalls, they are killing me... >:(

I saw it on video by jugglertakumi and tried to translate it through google translate to get a trick name. Is banking the official translation or an interpretation?

This trick is hella hard by the way, I think wingwalker is easier (having never landed the first one and the latter on a couple of occasions...)

The Void:
"Banking" is the name I gave it, not knowing anything better. My thinking being that the ken flying through the air is the "aeroplane", and when the tama is standing on the wing of the aeroplane, it is Wingwalking. So, on the following lines, in this trick, the wings of the "aeroplane" are tilted over, and when an aeroplane does that, it is said to be "banking":

Meanwhile, if you link me to the video of jugglertakumi, I'll try and translate whatever he calls it in Japanese.

Found it:
Google translate gives 'Crescent secret'

Although I very much like the explanation you gave for the trick name! You could have taken the easy road and call it 'Void's balance' :-)


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