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Have you ever done a trick that you legitimately believe someone else hasn't done before?
I suppose the weaker version (though more provable) would be have you ever done a trick that you haven't seen anyone else do on film? (in which case go film it? Haha, not that I play dama for the fame/glory)

I thought of starting this thread after talking with Harry about the "beadwalk" trick I do in miniedit 7. That's one trick I've done that I haven't seen before.
Another (though I doubt I'm actually the first to think of it, maybe just one of the first to film it) is the string grab sideways lighthouse (also miniedit 7). Really need to come up with a more succinct name for that one though...

So I guess has anyone seen these tricks done before? And what tricks might you have been the first to do?

The Void:
It's a good question. Personally, I don't think I'm that inventive with my kendama tricks. I've probably come up with one or two slight variations which may be new, a couple of which I have on film but haven't released yet[1].

The string-grab sideways lighthouse you mention I think I have seen Donald do, but not the sideways somersault extra. Actually we called a similar trick in Knees "Hanging Triangle Lighthouse" (Tsurushi Sankaku Toudai). A lot of the stuff in Knees is original, and was invented by Donald[2] whilst bored in Germany - so I think he's probably invented more tricks than anyone else I can think of. 1. No, I'm not going to tell you what they are!  ;) 2. Hey Donald, got your new laptop yet? This forum needs to hear more from the King Of The String!

I always got quite a buzz just inventing the most ridiculous trick and several cups o tea later I may just clinch it, but 9 in 10 ideas are still on the back burner. I remember getting a mad rush from getting my first lunar, and that seemed ridiculous for a whole year because back then there weren't the high volumes of videos so you never saw them. I think this trick is probably my hardest to date and still haven't seen one, I was punching above my weight back then in 2009, now its hard to really step ahead with a totally un thought of trick, sure theyre still out there though to be laced! Next is around the wing walker, been trying that at the kettle for a long time, will maybe get there but will most definitely have caffeine poisoning...:-)

[EDIT by BKA: I think this is the intended link: ]

That around the slipstall is nice! I hit around the grip in miniedit 8 but I've never tried it with slip before.

I think I'll have to pick up a copy of knees once I get home from vacation, I imagine there will be a fair number of tricks in there to learn! I have a copy of a Japanese book that I'm not really sure the name of, and I've learned a few tricks from it.  The majority of them are very standard and simple though.

Also, around the wing would be insane! I think I remember seeing you do a flip between wings once (world edit perhaps?) and my mind was blown. I've always found wing stalls devilishly hard!

In my previous kendama videos, I've certainly tried to incorporate things that I've not seen done elsewhere.  Alternatively, failing that, I've tried to present more commonly known techniques in a way that might not be expected.  If you think about things in the right way, it's quite easy to do that, even if you don't have extreme levels of skill.  Just mix up ideas from lots of different sources and see what happens.  Yet, ultimately, it's hard to know whether anything is really new.

Actually, I'm not sure it really matters that much.  Over the years, in the context of using others props, I've seen loads of "new tricks" that most certainly were genuinely new, but were not necessarily any more interesting than stuff that was already out there.  Instead, I think that it's better to be thinking 'how can I make this more watchable?', rather than worry too much about whether any particular core technique has been done previously.


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