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Is Falling Down simply an inverted Around The Prefecture in a Tama grip?

Similarly, is Jumping Stick an inverted, Dama grip Earth Turn?

Just a daft idea...

its lighthouse then spike.

The Void:
I think BD knows what the trick *is*, Harry, but was referring to the relationships between tricks.

For example, I've always thought that Aeroplane and Furiken were essentially the same trick, just with the initial holds of ken and ball swapped.

So, if you want to think of it that way[1], then I'd say yes, Falling Down equates to Arnd Pref in Tama grip.

However, I don't think your second analogy holds up, since the ball turns in one case, and the ken in the other. 1. ie if you want to confuse everyone that bit more! :P

Fair point Void. How about Spike - Whirlwind Spike or Airplane - "Whirlwind Ball"[1] as 'upside down' Jumping Stick / Earth Turn?

Not sure why I was thinking about 'upside down' tricks. Perhaps I should stop doing all those headstands... 1. Spin the ball while the ken goes straight up and down

The Void:
Argh, stop it, you're making my head hurt!!


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