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What tricks have you done by accident?

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I'm sure it has happened to most of you! What are some of the tricks you have landed accidently, trying to do a different trick?

I've done an earth turn-bird just trying to do a normal earth turn a few times. Always baffles me I'm still able to balance the bird expecting it to be steady on the spike haha.

I really want to know what people with a few years experience have been able to pull off!

Do ridiculous and uncountable jumping sticks count?

Bad Wolf:
Gunslinger bird! Could never do it again since the first accidental land.

The Void:
Jumping Stick to Stilts.

I wanted to do the jumping stick one time, then double and at least the triple spin.... I made the 2 first tricks and then instead of the triple i made after 3 spins lunar! i tried it again... no chance, hahaha....


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