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Title: "Improvements" to kendama
Post by: EpicHeroGuy on 31 May, 2013, 23:59:50
Does anyone know how to make the tama stickier or at least less slick on a tribute? Mine's been well worn, but it is still very slick :(. I am a beginner, and am trying to get a lighthouse still. I got my kendama from my friend, which explains why it is worn so much.
Title: Re: "Improvements" to kendama
Post by: PikWik on 01 June, 2013, 01:11:43
heys whats up. this is something i found a few answers on and would appreciate any help with as well.

when i sanded off my starter dama to re-paint i used "Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Spray Satin" but any clear matte/satin acrylic spray will do. id put at least 3 coats on. make a spinning stand for the tama to spray (wood spoon in pint glass) and spray lightly. stuff dries pretty quick so youll be done in about an hour or so. but id wait at least 12 before normal use!
Title: Re: "Improvements" to kendama
Post by: Kev on 01 June, 2013, 08:54:10
The only worthwhile way to make a kendama play better or the tama sticky is to wear it in properly through play and practice.

Spraying stuff on it / changing the paint etc is just cheating.

It is basically pointless as you're not *really* landing the tricks, you've just redefined the parameters and made the whole thing simpler.

Having said that - I understand that in the early days it can be frustrating so I came up with a method of temporarily making your tama sticky just to help you get a feel for new tricks. You can see the details of this very effective method here:,1013.msg7451.html#msg7451 (,1013.msg7451.html#msg7451)

Personally, I tried this as an experiment and played this way for a day - I quickly returned to proper play, but it was fun and perhaps it did help me get a feel for lighthouse / lunar type tricks earlier than perhaps I would have done without it.

An artificially sticky tama might let you "land" tricks but you can't count them - it's like riding a bicycle with stabilisers - you're just not really doing it.

Remember, we're all in the same boat - it's not the kendama that needs improving but your skill level.

If there are players that are better than you or me it's because they've practiced longer and harder and/or have better technique than you or I - but this is OK! We can do something about it - if you are prepared to put the time and effort in to practice, and you focus on good technique the progress will happen!

So in summary: my advice - stick with regular practice and enjoy yourself.


Title: Re: "Improvements" to kendama
Post by: EpicHeroGuy on 01 June, 2013, 20:54:54
Hey, thanks for the replies. i think i'll stick with Kev's advice for a little bit. Thanks!
Title: Re: "Improvements" to kendama
Post by: PikWik on 01 June, 2013, 21:34:20
for sure  ;D

i only mentioned the acrylic spray as thats how i put together my custom. this wasnt something i added to an existing complete, but a complete re-model. .more and more im tinkering with customs and finding it a great learning experience

as kev said tho, nothing beats a worn-in dama!
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