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Title: Video archive thread
Post by: BKA on 04 July, 2011, 15:16:38
A thread of links to kendama videos of note:

Tricklist videos
A great place to start for a list of tricks that gradually get harder...
British Kendama Championships Tricklist - 2008
British Kendama Open 2009 Tricklist - Beginners
British Kendama Open 2009 Tricklist - Advanced
BKO 2011 Beginners Tricklist
BKO 2011 Advanced Division Tricks
British Kendama Association Speed Trick Challenge

Single Trick Sites
Kendama Revolutions ( - A great resource of individual trick videos, split into categories and performer.
Supertricks ( Japanese site (untranslated - follw the links for lots of mpg files).
Shinya Kitgawa ( Another Japanese site with videos behind links.

Yuuki Harada
kendama high technique play けん玉段の技、高度な技14種:   [noembed][/noembed]

Takumi Okada AKA Boarder
Freedom Kendama VOL 1:
Freedom Kendama VOL 2:

K-CIMA From Kendama Revolutions.
Extreme Kendama:

Colin Sander
The original king of the online edits!
Kendama Edit #1 [noembed][/noembed]
Kendama Edit #2 [noembed][/noembed]
Kendama Edit #3 [noembed][/noembed]
Kendama Edit #4 [noembed][/noembed]
Kendama Edit #5 [noembed][/noembed]
Kendama Edit #7 [noembed][/noembed]
Kendama Edit #8 - The Kendama USA Pro Models [noembed][/noembed]

The Brits hit the web with their own styles
Kendama Tribe
Kendama Jive
TeamKD - Kendama-go-go
Kendama School
Donald Grant - TeamKD
Fife Kendama
Kendama Variations
More Kendama Variations

Event/competition videos
Kendama Vibe (BKC 2008)
European Kendama Open 2008
British Kendama Open 2009
British Kendama Open 2010
European Kendama Open 2010
British Kendama Open 2011

2011 British Champ
kendama edit one - brimful of asha [noembed][/noembed]
Kendama 10 minute sesh [noembed][/noembed]
flying lotus kendamama edit (2) [noembed][/noembed]
Night of kendama [noembed][/noembed]
Petunia's kendama edit [noembed][/noembed]
Abit o' British kendama [noembed][/noembed]
Pina Colada Kendama Edit [noembed][/noembed]
1 boy 3 cups kendama edit '09 [noembed][/noembed]
taster tricks kendama [noembed][/noembed]
Around the handle grip...kendama taster [noembed][/noembed]
double dama [noembed][/noembed]
hotsteppin' kendama edit '09 [noembed][/noembed]
Intro to Kendamatty [noembed][/noembed]
Don't pack, Kendama! [noembed][/noembed]
house move broke my camera, but not my spirit!

Mr Jumpshoe
Edit 4:
Edit 5:

Bitter Beans
Cool videography, and hot tricks
Kendama Bitter Beans Vol.1 [noembed][/noembed]
Kendama Bitter Beans Vol.2 [noembed][/noembed]

Kendama USA
Kendama USA 2008:  [noembed][/noembed]
Kendama USA Turner Thorne: [noembed][/noembed]

Dutch Kendama
Edit 1: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 2: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 3: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 4: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 5: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 6: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 7: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 8: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 9: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 10: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 11: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 12: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 13: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 14: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 15: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 16: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 17: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 18: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 19: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 20: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 21: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 22: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 23: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 24: [noembed][/noembed]
Edit 25: [noembed][/noembed]

BKA Video Of The Week
Check out all the videos here:,9.0.html (,9.0.html)

Single Tricks (Hydra)
Dave: A Two Ball Trap Combo:
Looby: Hydra Furiken:

Kendama Edmonton
Cool tricks, a variety of locations, character, and well shot.
Kendama Edmonton Miniedit 7 [noembed][/noembed]
Kendama Edmonton Miniedit 8 [noembed][/noembed]

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