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Title: Bird Dance
Post by: The Void on 26 March, 2016, 18:55:02
My collected social media clips Oct'15-Mar'16, with extras & friends. Featuring NEW CLIPS from me, @donald grant , @Kengeaa , @BenPycroft24  & @Cand1ez . Also with @Rich @mreasyguy @Dimensions @Maicodama .
First trick goes out to @SweetsKendamas (still room for improvement though, ay Matt?).
Those with short attention-spans should skip to 6:28. I was reasonably pleased with that one...
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Title: Re: Bird Dance
Post by: donald grant on 27 March, 2016, 15:46:15
Ha ha, who's a cheeky little clip squirrel then? :)
Really enjoyed that, loads of oddities and surprises. Happy memories of the roasting hot free parking day down in Bristol too!
Much fun, well worth a rewatch or two.

Ps nice to see Marky Jay training as hard as usual at 0:12!
Title: Re: Bird Dance
Post by: Rich on 27 March, 2016, 22:24:49
Nice! Great clips with loads of great people. Always nice to some some original Donald footage as well. ;)
Title: Re: Bird Dance
Post by: The Void on 27 March, 2016, 22:36:38
Thanks chaps. Yes, Donald, was never quite sure what to do with those Be Nothing (,2465.0.html) outtakes. Stumbled across them on the hard drive the other week and ought it was time they were freed from obscurity. To be fair to Mark, he's holding the baby there.
Title: Re: Bird Dance
Post by: shalafi on 27 March, 2016, 22:39:35
Nice compilation! I liked a lot of them, and TBH I have missed many of them from social media, so it is nice to see them together.
Title: Re: Bird Dance
Post by: The Void on 27 March, 2016, 22:42:28
Thx. Yes, Twitstabook has its uses, but is very ephemeral, and stuff gets lost or forgotten easily. That's why I like to compile stuff, even if it's just throwaway fun. :-)
Title: Re: Bird Dance
Post by: The Void on 20 April, 2016, 12:22:32
Void's last trick in that video (I haven't had chance to watch the whole thing yet and somehow missed watching it in the past) is amazing by the way. Nice one Void!

Nope, I have seen it, but didn't give it anywhere near enough credit!

Thanks, @Jak, glad you liked it . I'll admit that one took me quite a lot of attempts, over several sessions, to finally nail. So I was pretty pleased to get it eventually. Got it at the last Bristol meet up - most people had wandered off for a snack, so I started trying, and kept getting closer and closer. One last go while the sun was still warm, and relief finally came!
Now to start work on the next nutty combo I have squirrelled away in my notebook. Don't hold your breath! ;)
Title: Re: Bird Dance
Post by: HansNickmans on 21 April, 2016, 09:46:24
It was an absolute joy to watch. I always enjoy the new and quirky (if that's the right word) stuff.
As already mentioned, that last trick is insane. Together with Rob's Nightingale gun from this week, it's going on my Dream Trick List. 
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